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 The heracles loaders engine emits black smoke. After the heracles loaders supercharger of the excavator is replaced, the fault is alleviated Recently, there has been black smoke from the Heracles loader h580 engine. At the same time, when the excavator is cold, Heracles loader h580 still holds the truck. The speed of the excavator's boom and two boom is slow and weak, which seriously affects the normal operation of the excavator (The diesel pump, fuel injection pump nozzle and Heracles loader h580 diesel filter of the excavator have all been replaced.) Doushan (Daewoo) excavator has a cold car and is holding up, emitting black smoke. The hercules H180 fault is speculated to be caused by:
The hercules H180 engine power is too small, so it is necessary t o adjust the power regulator. Adjust the large and small nozzles to be 90 degrees loose. 2. Replace the main pump lifter, and adjust the flow. 3. The heracles h180 mini loader air filter is blocked /.

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