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 common problems in daily maintenance of chinese heracles wheel loader, heracles shovel loader, heracles front loader, heracles forest loader etc.
The shift pressure, boom, bucket and steering are normal, but the loader still cannot move forward and backward .  www,heraclesloader.com
First ,heracles loader H580  check whether the transmission is short of oil and whether the oil inlet pipeline is blocked, 
and then heracles loader H580 check the transmission oil pan (electrical motor) and torque converter filter. If heracles loader H580 metal fragments are found,
 it is heracles loader H580 certain that the parts in the large overrunning clutch in the transmission are damaged. heracles loader H580 If aluminum chips are found in the transmission
 oil pan and torque converter filter, heraclesloader H180 it is certain that the parts in the torque converter are damaged. RWX300T loader At this time, the transmission and torque 
converter must heraclesloader H180 be disassembled and inspected for repair and replacement of damaged parts. If heraclesloader H180  the above reasons are eliminated and the vehicle still 
cannot walk, it heraclesloader H180 can be determined that the bolts around the second gear component in the gearbox are cut off, or the output gear of the intermediate shaft falls off, so that the power cannot be output. Troubleshooting: disassemble the 8-shaped end cover of the gearbox, take out the second gear component, and replace the cut-off bolt. The bolt material is 40Cr, which must be quenched and tempered, and can never be replaced by ordinary bolts.

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