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Product name : Telescopic loader TL3000
Product No. : 202432816233
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TL3000 telescopic loader with Cummins engine .

 1.0 Telescopic telehandler TL3000 Engine
(1) Brand/Model: Standard Yuchai YCD4J22T-115 
(2) Type: In-line arrangement, water-cooled, four cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine
(3) Rated Power: 85KW
(4)Optional Model: CUMMINS engine
2.0 Overall Dimensions
(1) Overall Length: 6890mm
(2) Overall Width: 2200mm
(3) Overall Height: 3100mm
(4) Bucket hinge pin Height: 5500mm
(5)Telescopic stroke 1330mm
(6)Extend the arm length 3400mm
(7)Bucket Max.lift height (Bucket top vertical to ground) :6200mm
(8)Bucket Max.unloading height 4600mm
3.0 Transmission System:
Gearbox+Hydraulic converter + Drive shaft + Strong Hub reduction axle
4.0 Telescopic loaders Bucket:
(1)Capacity (Earthwork calculation): 1.5m³
(2) Width: 2200mm
(3) Type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
(5) Load capacity:3000kg including bucket or attachment 
5.0 Operating Specifications
(1)Steering System: Articulated hydraulic steering
(2)Driving System: Four wheel drive
(3)Tures loader Quick hitch release:Yes  
(4)pilot joystick:Yes  
6.0 Heracles telescopic loader Brake System 
(1) Service Brake:Four wheel disc brake 
(2) Parking Brake:Disc brake 
7.0 Tyre  Model:16/70-24Herringbone Tyre
8.0 Wheel base:  2800mm
9.0 Track: 1750mm
10.System pressure:20Mpa
11. Operation Weight:7300KG
12, heracles loader TL3000 Diesel tank100L

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