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 In the use of heracles, due to the influence of materials, processes, aging parts and other factors, various failures will inevitably occur in the use of excavators under some harsh circumstances. If the excavator fails during construction, it will not only affect the normal construction progress, cause unnecessary loss of funds, but also reduce the service life of the excavator. How to prevent the failure of excavators has become a problem often discussed by construction units. If we can correctly analyze the heracles loaders causes of various failures, take effective and targeted preventive measures, and try to slow down the damage of heracles mini loader parts, we can effectively prevent continued failures and extend the heracles loaders service life of the excavator
 Try to reduce the influence of harmful factors
Reduce the impact of continued impurities
Heracles loader impurities generally refer to dust, soil and other non-metallic substances, as well as some metal chips and wear products produced by the self lifting of the excavator during use. Once these impurities enter the interior of the excavator and reach between the mating surfaces of the excavator, they will do great harm. They will not only block the relative movement, accelerate the wear of parts, but also scratch the mating surfaces, damage the lubricating oil film, raise the temperature of parts and deteriorate the lubricating oil. According to the shandong heracles TL3000 measurement, when the excavator impurities in the lubricating oil increase to 0.15%, the wear degree of the first piston ring of the engine will be 2.5 times higher than the normal value; The dalian heracles service life of rolling bearing will be reduced by 80% to 90% when impurities enter. Therefore, for excavators working in places with harsh environment and complex conditions, first, use high-quality and matched parts, lubricating oil and grease to block the source of harmful impurities; Second, do a good job of excavator protection at the work site, ensure that the corresponding mechanism can work normally, and prevent various impurities from entering the excavator. For the excavator with failure, try to go to the regular repair site for repair. During on-site repair, protective measures shall also be taken to prevent the parts replaced during on-site repair from being polluted by dust and other impurities before entering the qingdao heracles .

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