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Company News >> The oil level of H180 heracles hydraulic system
 1 The oil level of H180 heracles hydraulic system is too low When the H180 heraclesworks under the condition of lower than the specified oil level for a long time, especially when the hydraulic system is excessively short of oil, the hydraulic oil temperature will be too high; The H180 heracleshydraulic oil circulates too fast and cannot be fully left to settle and clear, which accelerates the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil, thus causing the high water temperature fault of the HR180 heracles loader
2 The heracles loaders water tank is too dirty, which leads to HR180 heracles loader blockage of the water tank and high water temperature of the excavator
3 The heracles loaders thermostat is stuck and cannot be opened
4 The water pump is broken. If  shandong heracles there is no thermostat, start the engine directly, increase the accelerator, and check whether the water in the water tank circulates. If it does not, the  shandong heracles water pump is broken 

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