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Company News >> Heracles H180 mini site dumper Daily maintenance
 The mini site dummpers maintenance mainly includes brake, mini site dummpers  wheel hub bearing oil, engine oil, gear oil of gearbox and rear axle, as well as butter for all movable joints of the vehicle. 1. the mini site dummpers  brake and wheel hub bearing oil are maintained together. This is basically done every time the secondary maintenance is carried out, that is, every three months. 2. the engine oil is basically changed according to the mileage. We mini site dummpers  usually change heracles dumpers every 8000 km. We can change the Kunlun CF or Ch. the price of an 18 liter barrel, that is, about 400 ch, is more expensive There is no fixed replacement time for tyres. We usually mini site dummpers  replace them when they are broken, or when the pattern is very light. 3。 The mini site dummpers  gear oil of the gearbox doesn't need to be changed frequently. Normally, you can change the gear oil of the rear axle every six months or more. If you don't have much rest after a long run, it's best to remove the rear axle for maintenance within three months to close the gap. 4 There are great advantages in adding butter to the dump truck frequently. Personally, I think mini site dummpers  should be added at least once a month. If possible, mini site dummpers  should be added twice. The mini site dummpers  main reason is that the set of pins, steel plate pins and vertical pins in the direction of the hydraulic cylinder are very worn, so butter should be added frequently .

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