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Company News >> Heracles H180 loader Contents of regular maintenance
 Heracles H180 loader Contents of regular maintenance
①  Heracles H180 loader  using contents for maintenance .
②  Heracles H180 loader Daily maintenance; Check, clean or replace the air filter element; Clean the inside of the cooling system; Check and tighten the track shoe bolts; Check and adjust the reverse tension of the track; Check the air inlet heater; Replace bucket teeth; Adjust bucket clearance; Check the liquid level of front window cleaning solution; Check and adjust the air conditioner; Clean the floor in the cab; Replace the crusher filter element (optional). When cleaning the inside of the cooling system, after the engine is fully cooled, slowly unscrew the water injection port cover to release the internal pressure of the water tank, and then drain the water; Do not clean the engine when it is working. The fan rotating at high speed will cause danger; When cleaning or replacing the coolant, park the machine on a level ground; Replace the coolant and the corrosion inhibitor.
③ H180 HERACLES, Inspection items before starting the engine. Check the liquid level of coolant (add water); Check the engine oil level and add oil; Check the fuel level (add fuel); Check the hydraulic oil level (add hydraulic oil); Check whether the air filter element is blocked; heracles h180 wheel loader Check the wires; Check whether the horn is normal; Check the lubrication of the bucket; Check the water and sediment in the oil-water separator. ④H180 heracles mini loader  Every 100 maintenance items. Boom cylinder head pin shaft; Boom foot pin; Boom cylinder rod end; Stick cylinder head pin shaft; Connecting pin of boom and stick; Stick cylinder rod end; Pin shaft of bucket cylinder head; heracles h180, mini hoflader h180 Connecting pin of half bar linkage; Stick and bucket cylinder rod ends; Pin shaft of bucket cylinder head; Connecting pin of stick connecting rod; Check the oil level in the rotary mechanism box (add oil); Drain water and sediment from the fuel tank.

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