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Company News >> Heracles H580 loader Repair items every 250H.
Heracles H580 loader Repair items every 250H. Check the Heracles H580 loader oil level in the final drive box (add gear oil)
Battery electrolyte; Replace the Heracles H580 loader oil in the engine oil pan and replace the engine filter element; Lubricate Heracles H580 loader slewing ring (2 places); Check the Heracles H580 loader tension of the fan belt, and check and adjust the tension of the air conditioning compressor belt.Maintenance items every 500h. Carry out maintenance items every 100 and 250H at the same time; Replace the H580 heracles wheel loader fuel filter element; Check the H580 heracles wheel loader  height of the lubricating grease of the rotary pinion (add lubricating grease); Check and clean H580 heracles wheel loader  radiator fins, oil cooler fins and suspect cooler fins; Replace the hydraulic oil filter element; Replace the H580 heracles wheel loader  oil in the final drive box (only at 500h for the first time, and once after 1000h); Clean the H580 heracles wheel loader  air filter element inside and outside the air conditioner system; Replace the filter element of the hydraulic oil vent.

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