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Company News >> Heracles h180 wheeled loader generator Maintenance
If there is a problem with the heracles h180 wheeled loader generator, there will be a series of problems, such as insufficient battery power, insufficient brightness of work lights, insufficient power displayed on the dashboard, and obstacles to the working system. If the problem is more serious, it will cause damage to the dashboard and computer board. Therefore, the generator is so important. What problems should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of the generator? Let's talk it.
Check the heracles h180 specs fastening condition of all fasteners related to the generator
If the heracles h180 hoflader fasteners are loose or fall off, the heracles h180 loader engine may vibrate violently, which may lead to machine accidents. In addition, if the fastener is loose or falls off, it may lead to unstable voltage and current, and even damage electronic components such as instruments. Therefore, it is also important to timely check the condition of the fasteners related to the generator.
Check the heracles h180 mini shovel fasteners of the heracles loader generator
Check the tightness of the heracles pivot wheeled loader h180 drive belt.
If the heracles h 180 minilæsser conveyor belt of the generator is too loose, the belt will slip, and the generator will not rotate or the speed will be too low. This will cause the voltage and current of the generator to be unstable or not generate electricity. If the conveyor belt is too tight, the bearing wear on the charging generator, fan and water pump will be increased, and the generator will be scrapped in serious cases.
Conclusion: The heracles h180 wiellader generator on the mini loader is very important, especially in today's highly developed and rapid development of electronics and automation, the importance of the generator as the foundation becomes increasingly important. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the generator is more important. In the daily maintenance of the heracles loader, we must not forget to check the generator to avoid unnecessary losses.Check the tightness of the heracles loader drive belt.

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