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Company News >> Heracles H180 mini loader,H580 loader Daily maintenance
During the using of The generator of the heracles H180 loader is very important. If there is a problem with the h180 heracles loaders engine generator, there will be a series of problems, such as insufficient battery power, insufficient brightness of work lights, and insufficient power displayed on the instrument panel. In serious cases, the instrument panel and computer panel will be damaged. Since the generator is so important, what problems should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the generator? Let's discuss it.3. Check whether the generator bearing is short of oil or the lubricating oil is dirty.
If the bearing of the generator lacks oil or is poorly lubricated, the rolling resistance of the bearing will be too large, and the outer race and inner race of the bearing will rotate synchronously, which will lead to excessive wear between the bearing and the bearing seat. Excessive bearing wear will cause friction between the rotor and stator of the generator, resulting in overheating of the generator and instability of the voltage and current of the generator.
Check the generator bearing for lack of oil or poor lubrication
It should check the heracles loaders the heracles h180 pivot steer length of the heracles carbon brush. If the length of the heracles loader carbon brush is less than 5mm, replace it in time.
Check the heracles loader length of the carbon brush
The h580 heracles loader carbon brush on the generator plays a very important role. The H260 heracles loaders current is generated by the carbon brush, slip ring and exciting coil, and the generator generates electricity by cutting the magnetic field through the coil. If there is a problem with the carbon brush, the generator will not produce a magnetic field. Without a magnetic field, there is no way to generate electricity. In addition, if brushless generator is adopted, the length of carbon brush can be ignored.

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