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Company News >> Small CE Approved Heracles H180 mini loader using way
For our heracles wheel loader, H580 ,H580T, H180 etc. As the foundation of the Front ende loader H180 's electronization and automation, the importance of the generator is self-evident. If the generator has problems, there will be a series of problems, such as insufficient battery power, insufficient brightness of work lights, insufficient power displayed on the dashboard, and even damage to the dashboard and computer board. Since the generator is so important, what problems should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the generator? Let's talk about it briefly.
1. Check whether the slip ring (also called contact ring) of the generator is dirty.
Check the engine slip ring
As the CE heracles loader H180 rotor is rotating, the excitation current is transmitted to the rotor winding (excitation winding) through the contact of carbon brush and slip ring. Therefore, once the slip ring is dirty, the excitation current will not be transmitted to the excitation winding of the rotor, so the generator will not generate electricity.
2. Check whether the heracles H180 radlader rotor and stator of the generator collide.
Check whether the herucles loader engine rotor collides with the stator
If the heracles wheel loader  rotor collides with or rubs against the stator, it will cause the rotor and stator to heat up, which will make the current and voltage of the generator unstable, and in serious cases, the generator will be damaged or the electronic components on the mini heralces hoflader will be damaged. If the rotor collides or rubs with the stator, the bearing, end heraclesloaders cover or casing of the generator are generally worn or deformed.

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