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Company News >> Reduce the impact of H180 mini loader temperature
 Reduce the impact of Heracles Loaders H180  temperature
During Heracles Loaders H180  operation, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. For example, the temperature of general cooling water is 80~90 ℃, and the temperature of hydraulic oil of hydraulic transmission system is 30~60 ℃. If the heracles loaders temperature is lower than or higher than this range, the wear of parts will be accelerated, the lubricating oil will deteriorate, and the material performance will change. The test shows that the wear of main transmission gears and bearings of various excavators operating in lubricating oil at - 5 ℃ is 10~12 times higher than that operating in lubricating oil at 3 ℃. However, when the qingdao heracles temperature is too high, the deterioration of the lubricating oil will be accelerated. For example, when the engine oil temperature is checked to be 55~60 ℃, the oxidation rate of the engine oil will be doubled for every 5 ℃ increase in the engine oil temperature. For this reason, during the use of the excavator, first, it is necessary to prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure normal operation at low speed preheating stage, and make the excavator drive or work after reaching the specified temperature. Do not neglect its dalian heracles important work because there is no problem at that time; Second, the excavator shall be prevented from running under high temperature. During the dalian heracles operation of the shandong heracles , the values on various temperature gauges shall be checked frequently to find problems
Stop the heracles charger h180 machine for inspection immediately, and eliminate any fault found. If the cause cannot be found at the moment, the excavator must not work with a disease without treatment. During normal work, pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system. For water-cooled excavators, check and add cooling water before daily work; For air-cooled excavators, the dust on the air cooling system should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the cooling air duct is smooth.

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