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heracles loader h580 Blocking is also called car holding, car holding, and heracles loader h580 holding. Generally, the engine speed drops by more than 200 revolutions, even if it is car holding. Common fault causes are as follows:
Maintenance heracles h580 award effect picture
1 After the heracles h580 award oil temperature rises, the hot car will hold up. heracles loaders may be that the excavator oil is deteriorated or too dirty, and the hydraulic system leaks/leaks internally, causing the car to hold up
2 The hercules 580 loader  holding is usually accompanied by engine speed loss. At this time, it is necessary to check the Kmm H928 Wheel loader specific engine speed loss? Generally, it is normal if the vehicle is rotated within 200. If it is more than 200, it may cause car hold up. If the engine loses speed and causes car hold up fault, it is necessary to adjust the Kmm H928 Wheel loader working power of the engine to match the power of the Kmm H928 Wheel loader hydraulic pump and eliminate the fault

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