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Company News >> Daily maintenance of heracles loader H180,H580 etc
Daily maintenance of heracles loader H180,H580 etc 

Firstly, the running in maintenance of the heracles wheel loader shall be carried out according to the requirements in the loader manual. The running in stage of the new vehicle takes about 60 hours. During the running in period, the following points must be achieved:
1. Carefully read the instructions of the loader and pay attention to each note in the instructions.
2. front end loader epa engine approved During running in, the running in shall be evenly arranged for forward gear and backward gear. During the running in period, the loading weight shall not exceed 70% of the rated load.
3. The H580 heracles wheel loader  Pay attention to the lubrication of the machine and replace or add lubricating oil at the specified time.
4. The H180 heracles wheel loader manufacturer Always pay attention to the temperature of gearbox, torque converter, front and rear axle, wheel hub and brake drum. If there is overheating, find out the cause and eliminate it.
5. Heraclesloaders H580 During running in, it is better to load loose materials, and it shall not be carried out too fast.
6. l Heraclesloaders H180 GCM wheel loader Check the temperature and connection of various components of the electrical system, power supply status of the generator, lighting and other working conditions.
7. loader heli Comprehensively check the fastening of bolts and nuts of key components of the loader (engine, axle box transformer, rim, transmission shaft, etc.).
8. front loader After the running in period expires, clean the filter screen of transmission oil pan and replace with new oil; And change the engine oil and drive axle oil.
Secondly, the loader shall be maintained regularly according to the following stages:
Visually check whether there are abnormalities and three leaks during winding every day (every 10 hours); Check the engine oil level, fuel tank oil quantity, water level of water tank and brake fluid; Check lights and instruments; Check the tire pressure and lubrication of each hinge joint; Check the fastening of bolts at key parts.
In addition to repeating the above daily inspection items every half a month (every 100 hours), clean the diesel tank refueling filter screen, engine cylinder head and torque converter oil cooler; Check the liquid level of the battery and apply a thin layer of Vaseline at the joint; Always replace the front and rear drive axle gear oil.
Every month (every 250 hours), in addition to repeating the inspection items of the above half month, check the tightening torque of rim fixing bolts; Check the oil level of front and rear axles; Check whether there are cracks on the stress welds of the working device and the front and rear frames; Check and adjust the foot brake and emergency parking brake. Focus on the inspection of the engine: check the tightness and damage of the engine fan belt, compressor and generator belt; Check the air filter service indicator of the engine intake system. If the Yellow piston of the indicator rises to the red area, clean or replace the air filter element.
In addition to repeating the above monthly inspection items every three months (every 500 hours), check and fasten the connecting bolts between the front and rear axles and the frame; The engine oil must be replaced and the oil filter element must be replaced; Check the valve clearance of the engine and clean the refueling and oil suction screen of the diesel tank; Check the steering system and the idle stroke of the steering wheel.
Every six months (every 1000 hours), in addition to repeating the above inspection items every three months, check and replace the transmission oil and clean the oil filter and oil pan; Check the operation of the engine and replace the diesel filter of the engine; Detect various temperature gauges and pressure gauges; Replace the drive axle gear oil and the oil return filter element of the hydraulic oil tank; Check the brake booster and replace the brake oil.
In addition to repeating the above semi annual inspection items every year (every 2000 hours), the engine shall be overhauled according to the diesel engine manual; Replace the transmission, front and rear axle oil and hydraulic oil; Check the working conditions of foot brake and parking brake. If necessary, disassemble and check the wear of friction plate. Clean and check the seals and springs of the brake booster, replace the brake fluid and check the brake sensitivity; By measuring the natural settlement of the oil cylinder, 
check the tightness of the distribution valve and the working oil cylinder, and check the flexibility of the steering system; Check the welds of working device, frame and rim.

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