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Company News >> China heracles loader and heracles shovel loader Gearbox mantainance :
 China heracles loader and heracles shovel loader Gearbox mantainance :
One of the important heraclesloaders transmission components of heracles wheel loader and heracles shovel loader, heraclesloaders  need matainance gearbox every week .
Heraclesloaders H580  However, in the working process of the H180 heraclesloaders, the failure rate of the gearbox caused by improper use and maintenance has been high, H180 heraclesloaders especially the failure to strictly abide by the maintenance procedures in use and the lack of timely inspection and daily maintenance will accelerate the damage and failure of the gearbox, and even expand the harmfulness of the failure consequences.
Purpose of preventive maintenance for H180 heraclesloaders
1. Heraclesloaders H580 Through the follow-up inspection of the loader operation, Heraclesloaders H580  stop the machine in a planned way, and make maintenance and repair arrangements for the gearbox.
2. H180 heraclesloaders Prevent major mechanical faults and heraclesloaders related parts from being damaged, and repair them before the fault occurs, so as to save a lot of maintenance costs.
3. Heraclesloaders H580  Make the parts of the whole machine have a long service life, improve the benefit of the equipment and maintain good working performance.
4. H180 heraclesloaders Reduce maintenance difficulty and workload.

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