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Company News >> Daily maintenance of Wheel loader , front end loader and shovel loader
Daily maintenance of Wheel loader , front end loader and shovel loader 
Mainly: maintenance of engine, electrical equipment, instrument, transmission system, traveling mechanism, braking system, working device and whole machine.
The specific maintenance is as follows:
1、Heracles Loader Engine
Check the engine fixing bolts,
2. Heracles Wheel loader Check the rubber buffer,
3. Heracles Shovel loader Change the engine oil,
4. Heracles wheel loader Replace the oil filter,
5. Heracles wheel loader  Clean the oil pan breather,
6. Heracles loader Clean the diesel oil primary filter,
7. Heracles Articulated wheel loader Clean the filter screen at the inlet of diesel pump,
8. Remove the air from the fuel system,
9. Heralesloaders H580 Check the cooler,
10.Heracles  Check the tension of the dispersion belt,
11.Heralesloaders Add rust inhibitor,
12. Heralesloaders Check the antifreeze ability of coolant,
13. Replace the air filter element.
2、 Heralesloaders H180 Electrical equipment and instruments: check the engine, generator and battery.
3、 Transmission system: check the torque converter, transmission oil cooling system and check the oil level of front and rear axles.
4、H180 Heralesloaders Traveling mechanism: check the tire pressure.
5、h580 Heralesloaders Brake system: check the fixing bolts of brake disc, oil-water separator and air pressure in air cylinder.
6、 Heralesloaders h580  Working device: check the bucket, boom, rocker arm and fixing bolts.
7、Heralesloaders h580 Complete machine: check the front and rear frames and subframes and lubricate them.

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