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Company News >> common problems in daily maintenance of chinese wheel loader, shovel loader, front loader, forest loader etc.
 common problems in daily maintenance of chinese heracleswheel loader, heracles shovel loader, heracles front loader,heracles  forest loader etc.
The china heracles wheel loader,first gear and reverse gear are normal, and the second gear has no driving force .
First, Heracles Loader check loader whether the speed change handle is in place. If heracles H180 loader it is not in place, readjust it. Then heraclesloaders h180 loader check whether the transmission pressure gauge depressurizes at the second gear position. If it depressurizes, check whether there is pressure oil flowing out of the periphery of the 8-shaped end cover of the transmission. If there is leakage, tighten the surrounding bolts. If the above method still fails to eliminate the fault, the figure-8 end cover must be removed and the O-ring and paper gasket must be replaced. At this time, if there is no pressure oil overflow, it proves that there is a problem with the second gear component in the transmission, and the second gear component must be removed. First check whether the oil seal outside the second gear is damaged, then disassemble the second gear components,
 take out the piston, and h580 wheel loader check whether the piston ring, heracles h580 wheel loader oil seal ring and friction plate are damaged. Finally, check h180 heracles loader whether the guide pin in the second gear oil cylinder falls off. If the guide pin falls off, a large amount of pressure oil in the second gear will flow out from here, resulting in the reduction of the second gear pressure and failure to drive. For the reason of pressure reduction, replace the seal or repair or replace the parts.

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