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Heracles Loader H580 Maintenance of hydraulic system
Heracles Loader H580 During and just after the operation, the hydraulic oil temperature is still very high. Therefore, special care should be taken when checking and maintaining the hydraulic system.
Heracles Loader H580 Place the machine on level ground, lower the bucket to the ground, and release the hydraulic line pressure.
Stop the engine and wait until the oil temperature drops before maintenance. Even if the Heracles Loader H580 oil temperature drops, there is still pressure in the system. When checking and maintaining the hydraulic circuit, in order to release the internal pressure of the system, air should be discharged from the hydraulic oil tank.
Regularly check the hydraulic oil level, replace the Heracles Loader H580 oil filter and fill the hydraulic oil.
After removing the high-pressure hose, check whether the O-ring or gasket is damaged.Heracles Loader H580  Replace if damaged.
After cleaning or replacing the filter element and filter screen of the hydraulic oil filter, or after removing the hydraulic pipeline, the air in the oil circuit shall be discharged. www.heraclesloader.com
Heracles Loader H580 There is high-pressure nitrogen in the accumulator, so it is quite dangerous to use it incorrectly. It must be used in strict accordance with the regulations.
When Heracles Loader H580 working on the beach, the electrical system should be carefully cleaned to prevent corrosion.
When Heracles Loader H580 installing cooling fan or other electrical equipment, it Heracles Loader H580 shall be connected to an independent power connector. 
The selected power supply must not be connected to the fuse, start switch or battery relay

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