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Company News >> H180 heracles loader Maintenance of oil filter
H180 heracles loader Maintenance of oil filter
H180 heracles loader  Oil filter is a very important component. It can prevent impurities from entering important devices in oil circuit and gas circuit, so as to reduce the occurrence of faults. The oil filter shall be replaced regularly as required. When the excavator is used under harsh conditions, the replacement cycle shall be shortened according to the quality of diesel oil (sulfur content).
 Do not clean the H180 heracles loader  oil filter (cylindrical) and reuse it. Replace it with a new one. www.heraclesloader.com
 When H180 heracles loader  replacing the old oil filter, check whether there are metal particles, rubber slag, etc. adsorbed on the H180 heracles loader  old filter element. If metal or rubber particles are found, professional personnel shall be invited for further inspection and treatment.
 Do not open the H180 heracles loader  packing box prematurely before using the oil filter.

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