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Company News >> Heracles loaders H180 parts are disassembled due to maintenance

 If the  Heracles loaders H180 parts are disassembled due to maintenance, the forklift road test shall be carried out after reassembly.
(1) The  Heracles loaders H180 braking performance under different degrees shall be free from deviation and snaking. On steep slopes, it can stop reliably after the hand brake is tightened.
(2) Listen for abnormal sound when the  Heracles loaders H180 engine is running under acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no load.
(3) After the road test for a certain mileage, check  Heracles loaders H180 whether there is overheating at the brake, transmission, front axle housing and gear pump.
(4) Whether the  Heracles loaders H180 lifting speed of the fork frame is normal and whether it trembles.
12.  Heracles loaders H180 Check whether the filter screen at the oil inlet of the diesel tank is blocked or damaged, and clean or replace the filter screen.
3、 Heracles loaders H180 Secondary technical maintenance
In addition to the first-class technical maintenance of various items, the following work is added:
1. Dalian heracles Clean each oil tank, filter screen and pipeline, and check whether  Dalian heracles 
2.  Dalian heracles Clean the torque converter and gearbox, check the wear of parts and replace with new oil.
3.  Dalian heracles 
4.  Dalian heracles Check the fastening of each part of the drive axle and whether there is oil leakage, and dredge the air hole. Disassemble and inspect the main reducer, differential and wheel reducer, adjust the axial clearance of bearings, and add or replace lubricating oil.
5. Disassemble,  Dalian heracles  inspect, adjust and lubricate the front and rear hubs, and carry out half shaft transposition.
6. Clean the  Dalian heracles  brake and adjust the clearance between the brake drum and the brake shoe friction plate.

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