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Heracles Mini excavator Heracles Mini excavator
Product name : Heracles Mini excavator
Product No. : 2022715142013
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 Operating Weight:800kg
Digging bucket capacity:0.025cbm
Digging bucket width:380mm
Rated power:7.6kw / 10.1kw
Bore stroke:single cylinder, fan cool
Pump flow:16L/min
Hydraulic pump pressure:16Mpa
Hydraulic oil tank:16.5L
Diesel oil tank:7L
Arm digging force:5.0Kn
Bucket digging force 9.5Kn
Electric pressure:12V
Electrick power:5W
Overall dimension( LxWxH):2770x896x1490 mm
Wheelbase:910 mm
Total length of track on land:1230mm
Platform ground clearance:380 mm
Platform back turning radius:784 mm
Chassis width:896 mm
Track width:180 mm
Chassis ground clearance:132 mm
Track height:320 mm
Max. Digging depth:1650 mm
Max. Vertical digging depth:1375 mm
Max. Digging height:2490mm
Max. Dumping height:1750 mm
Max. Digging radius on ground :2500mm
Min. Rotation radius :1200 mm
Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade:345 mm
Max. Digging depth of bulldozer blade:255 mm

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